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Type Work

One of our absolute favourite things about letterpress is working with antique wood type. Not only are the letters beautiful on their own, the way they print is like nothing else! Each little scratch or nick in the letter block comes out in the print as unique texture, marking it’s history of 100+ years of use - something that no Photoshop filter or digital font can replicate.

Here are a couple of our favourite typesetting projects where our wood type was printed, scanned and incorporated digitally into a larger scale project.


Arkells Artwork

We had the pleasure of working with the Juno award-winning Canadian rock band Arkells, doing typesetting and print work for their “People’s Champ” single artwork, as well as the cover artwork for their most recent album, “Rally Cry”.

All digital layout by band member Mike DeAngelis.

Gore Park Beacons

“Music City Markers” is a permanent public art installation in downtown Hamilton’s Gore Park by local artist and business owner of our favourite art supply/book shop, Dave Kuruc. (Mixed Media/King West Books). Our typesetting work is incorporated into Dave’s designs of various lyric segments from a dozen local musicians in a ‘letterpress concert poster’ style, towering over the park on the nine-metre tall beacon which lights up and glows at night! This project is ongoing, with another beacon yet to be installed at the opposite end of the park.

Our pal Greg of Blind Pig Press also contributed typesetting work to this project.